Witness in these videos the healing, fun and transformation which is always part of the mandala process. Remember that a mandala is representative of a journey to the light, to balance, to the true self. You can see a short documentary on Michele’s healing process with mandalas, and some amazing student flower mandalas. Powerful, alive and colorful, you cannot help but be touched by these videos and mandalas.

The Healing Power of Mandalas
This video is a short documentary of how Michele used mandalas to support her in her healing process with both CFS and cancer. Hear her speak about her journey, witness her in class with her students and see her at work in her art studio surrounded by her mandalas.


Nature Mandala Slideshow
Enjoy watching these beautiful mandalas painted by the participants in Michele’s Nature Mandala class in the Fall of 2015. They are watercolor mandalas painted by beginners and experienced alike. Some have real pressed leaves or dried flowers adhered to them and some have glitter. They are unique, powerful and fun all at once.The music and mandalas are very calming and soothing!


Watercolor, Mandalas and the Heart
A fun slide show of uniquely painted watercolor mandalas from a class of 16 women of various ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. The 6-week class “Watercolor, Mandalas and the Heart,” clearly brought out the individual creative flow of all participants.


Circles of Love for Everyone
When the members of our mandala class heard about the events in Connecticut we wanted to do something. We began making small mandalas for the victims and families. We took inspiration from the small “seed” mandalas we do in class which are circles about 3 inches in diameter.


Watercolor Flower Mandala Slide Show
This is a slide show of student work from a Watercolor Flower Mandala Class Michele taught. Each example is so beautifully unique and different. Some participants had done mandalas previously, and others were complete beginners. During the last class a big mandala of flowers was assembled by everyone. Symbolizing impermanence, it was then gathered up and tossed to the winds.