Michele teaches various 6-week classes in Santa Cruz County including: Painting As A Path to The Heart, Watercolor and Nature Mandalas, Watercolor Flower Mandalas, Watercolor Mandalas: Seeds of Possibility, Watercolor Mandalas: Gifts from The Heart, Capturing The Light in Mandalas. She also teaches 1 or 2-day workshops in various locations. Watch the schedule for the latest classes. You can discuss with her the possibility of her teaching a workshop in your area.


Dive into the Mystery of Mandalas

The Power of Purple

Coffee Shop Mandalas and Nature Mandalas



SUMMER  2017


1/2 Day, Saturday, August 5, 2017 

The mandalas from this workshop have been posted on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/michele.faia

Torus Seed of Life


Course Description

Traditionally mandalas were used as a journey to enlightenment. What is that mystery—the journey to enlightenment? Journey with me to explore the mystery, be the mystery, know the mystery. Drop deeply into yourself via the mandala experience.

This is a class for the novice as well as the experienced. We will learn and practice one new watercolor technique or “wash.” We will learn about the structure, design and sacred space of the mandala. We’ll learn a new sacred geometry design using a compass and we’ll open our hearts to the “generosities” which are offered by the mandala. The sacred geometry design we’ll learn is called the Torus Seed of Life.

I am offering this as a 1/2 day workshop at our new studio in our home in Aptos. There is space for only 6.

Bring to the first class: I will email you a Material’s List upon your registration.

Class Location:
130 Camino Pacifico, Aptos, CA

Class Title
Dive into the Mystery of Mandalas

Class Schedule
Day: Saturday, August 5, 2017
Time: 10:00 PM – 2:00 PM
1/2 day


Call first to see if there is space in the workshop!
Send me a check to reserve your seat: 130 Camino Pacifico, Aptos, CA 95003
Include your phone number and email address
Class limited to 6 participants
No refunds within 10 days of class

Open to
16 yrs and up

If you have any questions, call Michele at (831) 662-8857



6 Thursdays:  September 7 – October  12, 2017

Indigo Iris

Course Description
Join us in creating watercolor mandalas for harmony and balance in these unbalanced  times! Let’s explore the power of purple and violet—from clearing and healing, to inspiration and spiritual awareness. We’ll create sacred geometry designs, and experiment with different shades of violet in various watercolor techniques. We’ll observe where to find purple and violet: in light, flowers, energy, crystals, the violet flame, etc.  Beginners are always welcomed and supported in our spirited mandala circle. We are devoted to having fun and continuing to learn and practice both watercolor and mandalas while painting from our hearts.

Bring to the first class: One round watercolor brush (Simply Simmons is good, size 6); watercolor pigments (either a Prang palette or small watercolor tubes with a portable, lidded rectangular palette); a pad of watercolor paper (Strathmore 11”x15” or 12”x12”) or bring whatever you have. More materials will be discussed at the first meeting.

Class Location
Capitola Community Center
4400 Jade Street
Capitola, CA
(831) 475-5935

Class Title
The Power of Purple

Class Schedule
Day: Thursdays
Time: 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM
6 weeks

R:$86; NR:$100

Online & Registration begins August 10, 2017

Open to
16 yrs and up

If you have any questions, call Michele at (831) 662-8857



To keep our mandala work going, let’s meet at a coffee shop, or in someone’s garden, have coffee or tea together and do mandalas with other mandala making friends. We call these Coffee Shop Mandalas. Bring simple art supplies: small square sketch books with felt pens or colored pencils, or small watercolor supplies. Anyone can join in, but there will be no instruction. We meet for about an hour or so. Scroll down to next scheduled date.

For Nature Mandalas, everyone is welcome to help create the mandala. Mostly on the beach, we meet and join hands first for an Earth Blessing Circle. We all bring flowers, shells, seaweed, drift wood, sand dollars and begin making the big mandala on the beach together. It takes about an hour. Then, at some point, the mandala is washed into the sea.

Make an “art date” and schedule one yourself. Several groups have met already and more are wanting to. Let me know if you are interested.

SCHEDULED NATURE MANDALA for the Summer Solstice

Photos of this Nature Mandala have been posted on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/michele.faia

Date, Time and Location:

Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Time:  12 Noon

Place: Rio Del Mar Beach, on the Rio Del Mar Esplanade, across from Cafe Rio

Do you have an idea of a time and place you would like to gather for a Coffee Shop Mandala? Contact Michele.


Photos from this gathering have been posted on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michele.faia

Celebrating: With Nancy Niles & her ceramic sculptures in the “Sculpture Is” show

Date: Thursday, July 20, 2017

Time:  12 Noon – 2:00 PM

Place: Sierra Azul Nursery and Gardens, 2660 E.Lake Blvd., Watsonville, 728-2532

Bring: a hat and your own coffee, or cold drink!


Do you have an idea of a time and place you would like to gather for a Coffee Shop Mandala? Contact Michele.