Michele had her first powerful encounter with Mary in a dream, which she wanted to paint. That felt like an awfully tall order and she was hesitant to try. Eventually, Connecting with Mary was her first attempt, inspired from the images of the virgin she saw in her art history books. She was puzzled by the images which kept coming to her, as Mary did not play a big role in her religious upbringing. These mandalas are some of the images she received, with stories about what she learned from those encounters. See her blog for more stories about these paintings: http://www.michelefaia.com/miscellaneous/the-appearance-of-the-divine-mother/

All  mandalas on this page, except for Metamorphosis which is sold, are available for purchase. They are 15″ x 15″ original watercolor and mixed media. Go Soft is 8.5″ x 8.5″. Contact Michele for further information.