Michele’s watercolor and mixed media mandalas are unique works of healing art. Each is a multi-layered painting created first in the form of a collage with colored pencil, oil pastel and other media added. Partnering with spirit and nature, these artworks all represent images of healing.

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Learn watercolor painting and how to create personal mandalas easily in Art in My Heart: The Power of Watercolor Mandala Making. Michele’s second book, Awakened By The Flowers: With Channeled Messages and Watercolor Flowers, is now available.

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Michele offers a variety of watercolor mandala classes. Designed to create a fun and supportive environment, the classes emphasize process and included in every class are how to: get started easily in watercolor, paint from the heart, trust the imagination, co-create mandalas with spirit.

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I am offering original watercolor mandalas at a significantly reduced price. If you would like to own a very reasonably priced original watercolor then watch this section for the Monthly Mandala Treasure. It’s time for the paintings to have a new home!

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In this new section I will be sharing photos of recent events. Some images have already been posted on social media. My plan is to add photos weekly, so come back anytime and see what’s been happening and enjoy some fun photos!

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The power, creativity, color and uniqueness of Michele’s work with mandalas are shown in these videos. You can see her mandalas and hear her talk about them, watch her with students in class creating their own and view some very creative mandalas painted by class members.

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In our six week’s class we created watercolor mandalas exploring the power that purple and violet have on us. Included in that exploration were the clearing and healing power, light energy, violet transmuting flame and inspiration and spiritual awareness of the colors. Purples and violets were found in light, flowers, energy, crystals and nature. Different...
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Spicing it up! Let’s go beyond the original blog “How to Make a Circle of Love” https://www.michelefaia.com/blog/how-to-make-a-circle-of-love/and spice the circles up with some mica paint and Stickles glitter glue! And, rather than just one, let’s make several at once.       You Will Need the Following: watercolor paper pencil round watercolor brush (size 6)...
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Let’s Love Color Again! And they did! For six weeks sixteen women immersed themselves deeply into each color and explored the many, many gifts of color including healing and energy. See a few of the mandalas here. As one student once said, “These are amazing and they all swim together!”    
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Flower Energy Paintings

What are “Flower Energy Paintings?” It is a term used by my spiritual teacher St. Germaine. It came in a message I received from him in which he said that we would write a book together: “there will be a very, very special book coming that you and I will be doing together.”

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